Types of elastics and how to use them?

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Types of elastics and how to use them?


Wearing elastic gives us a comfortable feeling and also gives our clothes a stretching ability. Just think about wearing a surgical garment, gown or socks that lacks a stretching ability. The importance of elastic in our clothing cannot be overemphasized


  1. Braided Elastic

The braided elastic is the cheapest type of elastic. It is not heavy and it narrows when it is stretched. This elastic is more durable than other types of elastics. It should not be sewn directly to your cloth so that it does not lose its stretch ability easily. This braided elastic is mostly used in casings.


  1. Knit Elastic

This type of elastic is soft and very comfortable to use. It does not narrow when it is stretched and it is shrink-resistant. You can either use it in a casing or sew directly to a fabric; it still would not lose its stretch. For a wash-and-wear project, this is an excellent choice. E.g. Pajama.


  1. Woven Elastic

This elastic is stronger than the knit or braided elastic. It is very thick and when you stretch it, it does not narrow. This is the best choice for sewing projects that are heavy-weight.  It retains its stretch when it is sewn directly on a fabric. It is also good for casings.


  1. Fold Over Elastic

It can also be called FOE. This elastic is thin and flat. The line at the center enables it to fold easily. It can be used on stretch fabrics and also to finish edges. You can find it on swimsuits and athletic apparel. The fold over elastic is used for making baby diapers, undies and also for finishing necklines.  It does not narrow when stretched. You can find it in different beautiful colors and patterns.


  1. Lingerie Elastic

It comes in several colors and textures. It has beautifully decorated edges. It is used specially for bras and lingerie. It has a comfortable feeling when worn.


Aside from the elastics listed above, there are also other elastics such as the baby elastic, swimwear elastic, buttonhole elastic, elastic thread, drawstring elastic and clear elastic.

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